Roof renovation in Pervolia, Larnaca

An old building, which is located in the centre of the village. The main structure is by concrete and bricks but the type of roof is “Gable Roof” by wood and tiles. The owners contacted us to inspect the roof; the final decision was to change the rafters, OSB wood and some broken tiles.

We disassembly the roof, change the moulded and broken rafters, removing all the broken. The assembly was so easy and fast, because of our experience in the field of prefabrication for wood construction.

Day 1st for the assembly – we placed the rafters, fit the OSB wood, ensure that the roof is aligned and without any curves in the middle after that is the time of the insulation, the wooden structure before the tiles.

Day 2nd for the assembly – we placed the tiles and we closed all around and under the tiles of the roof by wood.
The result is what you see in the photos.

All the products we used for the completion of that reconstruction was the highest quality in the market.

Started July 2013

Completed in August 2013

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