Paradisos Beach Bar, Ayia Napa, Famagusta district

Three young owners from Ayia Napa contact us for a new project, actually roof project. Sometimes we say “wooden Roof” is something simple but is not. In that case, the owners were very demanding about the design, the quality, the knowledge and the most important to complete this project. Checking the drawings for the first time we know that for our factory was simple as that “6 hours and the prefabricated wooden beams and columns was ready” according to the drawings.

In two weeks’ time, the track with the 13.5 meters beams arrived in Cyprus.

Then it was a matter of time to complete the project.

The result is what you see in the pictures, you can visit the “Paradisos Beach Bar/Venue” in Ayia Napa to have a look and for sure a pleasure time.
All the products we used for the completion of that project was the highest quality in the market of the EU. Engineers and architects take place in those projects.

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