Prefabricated Houses

Prefabricated houses are houses made of modules. Modern houses of this type consist of elements that were manufactured in the factory and completely assembled on the construction site, which considerably shortens the construction time of such a building. In addition, such buildings (thanks to perfectly coordinated elements and the use of modern technologies) are very close. This means that the warm air does not flow out through different openings or thermal bridges (which gives a high thermal comfort inside).

Worth mentioning here is that the construction of a typical prefabricated house on previously prepared foundations is usually completed within 14 working days with the installation of the rafter frame and lining (with roof tile or sheet metal roof).

Prefabricated houses can have a variety of constructions, from steel to glued wood to traditional wood. At Silesia FertigHaus a prefabricated house is built with a wooden frame, which is the most important element of the walls. The year-round modular house has a heating system that offers greater energy comfort than in traditional houses.

Choosing a prefabricated building technology has no limitations on the project, but it is worth considering the location of the prefabricated house in relation to the sun, so most of it comes from natural sources of energy. We can choose to build both a one-story skeleton house and a large, modern, multi-storey wooden house.

A prefabricated house is an ecological and economical house. This construction system also makes it possible to set passive houses, which, however, require appropriate architectural designs and must meet high requirements for leakage standards.

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