Thermal Insulation System

An external thermal insulation system is a layer that insulates the outside cladding of a building to improve thermal efficiency. The superior technical characteristics and aesthetic with using the best qualities, you make them a perfect solution for elegant external thermal insulation systems.

The external wall insulation (EWI — sometimes referred to as ETICS or EIFS) keep the temperature of perimeter walls at milder values, thus generating an active thermal mass that improves the thermal inertia of the building. Not only does thermal insulation reduce heat dispersion, but it also optimizes the performance of the wall throughout the seasons.

In the summer, by increasing external insulation, the flow of heat that would require intensive use of air conditioning is greatly reduced.

In the winter, the walls that are insulated from the outside cold create thermal exchange almost exclusively with the internal heated space of the building.

EWI, with their technical characteristics and unique beauty, is an ideal solution for external wall insulation.

Would you like to thermally insulate your property?